Group Meals

The restaurant The Volnaysien Cellar in Volnay (Côte d'Or - Burgundy), between Beaune and Meursault, offers two rooms for group meals. One can accommodate up to 50 people and the other 80 people.

Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant

To meet your expectations, we offer some menus to suit your needs and those of your guests.



For groups, the main course must be chosen in advance, one free from 35 seats. All supplements wine and mineral water will be charged. These prices are for cash settlement at the end of the meal or at the latest within eight days. Notify 48 hours in advance for any change in the number of covered

Serves a different custom will cause an extra 2 euros per person


Siren : 329 392 419 - LE CELLIER VOLNAYSIEN - 2, Place de l’église 21190 VOLNAY - Tél : 03 80 21 61 04 | Fax : 03 80 21 21 95
The Restaurant the Volnaysien Cellar is located in Volnay, between Beaune and Meursault (Côte d'Or - Burgundy).